Squid and Parmesan Gnocchi: Adapting a favourite umami-packed recipe from Heston Blumenthal

Squid and cheese!?! You bet! We love this umami-packed pairing from Heston’s recipe archives so much we decided to adapt it for a week night dinner – just wait until you see the results!

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How to make Heston Blumenthal’s Welsh Rarebit recipe

Heston’s Welsh rarebit recipe is a delicious umami-packed snack. we show you how you can enjoy it any time you like with just a few minutes of cooking.

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How to make Heston Blumenthal’s Waitrose Earl Grey Stollen Pain Perdu recipe with Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

A festive combination of two Heston Blumenthal Waitrose dishes and one of the Fat Duck chef’s own recipes create an easy dessert with a Christmas twist.

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How to Make Heston’s Toad in the Hole and Golden Syrup Bread and Butter recipes

Two hearty and economical British classics made using Heston’s recipes provide the perfect Sunday Lunch. Heston’s Toad-in-the-Hole and Golden Syrup Bread and Butter Pudding recipes.

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How to make Heston-Style Earl Grey Dry Ice Ice Cream, a #BSFIC tribute

That Heston Blumenthal – he loves Earl Grey, he loves ice cream, he loves making ice cream at home with dry ice. Let’s combine all those things for our entry […]

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How to Make Heston Blumenthal’s Perfect Dry Ice Ice Cream recipe (and Treacle Tart)

We learned the hard way that there are some Heston Blumenthal ice cream recipes you just can’t make using your standard ice cream machine at home. For those you need to get your hands on some dry ice, just like we have here…

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How to Make Heston Blumenthal’s 72-hour Rib of Beef recipe

72 hour beef ribs are the killer-app for sous vide cookers. Here’s our attempt at making Heston Blumenthal’s 72 hour sous vide beef short rib recipe, as featured in his Gothic Horror Feast TV show.