heston blumenthal shepherds pie recipe photo umami on steroids BA british airways mission impossible

Shepherds Pie on Steroids

We just caught up with the latest episode of Heston’s Mission Impossible: British Airways on 4oD. Fun as always, and this time Heston’s food looked a lot more successful than […]

Heston Blumenthal worm pizza recipe Mission Impossible Channel 4 Aldery Hey

Heston’s Worm Pizza recipe

We try to replicate the most controversial (attention seeking) dish from Heston’s new series. It’s Worm Pizza for dinner! Worm Pizza!?! You have to admire Heston’s / Channel 4’s PR […]

heston blumenthal sprout recipe christmas dinner turkey waitrose hidden orange christmas pudding

Heston V Gordon: Christmas Dinner

In the age of austerity both of the UK’s top chefs go back to basics with classic roast turkey Christmas dinner. Christmas dinner: the biggest and most important meal of […]

heston blumenthal hidden orange christmas pudding waitrose recipe

Heston’s Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding DIY recipe

Why pay hundreds of pounds on eBay when you can use this Heston Blumenthal Hidden Orange Christmas pudding recipe to make your own instead. UPDATE: After the Lidl taste-test and […]

Heston Blumenthal Cointreau butter

You Pudding!

I feel a right pudding, but not the pudding I want. Me & my mates were in Manchester’s new city-centre Waitrose late last Sunday (attacking the 19p sandwiches with gustoafter […]

heston blumenthal waitrose recipe boerewors barbecue bbq burger world cup

Grill the Boers!

Heston Blumenthal’s South African World Cup Barbecue burgers for Waitrose put to the test. Whether you’re an England fan who’s decorated everything you own with a St George’s Cross, or […]

Heston Blumenthal waitrose steak tagliata recipe rocket parmesan salad

Heston’s Waitrose Mis-Steak

Heston Blumenthal’s shows you the right way to cook a steak (and the wrong way to serve it) in his first proper recipe for Waitrose’s advertising campaign. There was a […]