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Celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal had a number of recipes that hadn’t been published, however that’s not the case now with his new app.

heston blumenthal pasta with chilli and garlic recipe spaghetti recipes chef movie

Heston Blumenthal’s Pasta with Chilli and Garlic recipe: a tribute to the movie Chef

We’ve just seen the movie Chef, and it’s inspired us to have a go at one of Heston Blumenthal’s older but easier recipes: pasta with chilli and garlic.

heston blumenthal slow cooked roast pork recipe slow cooker waitrose winter comfort food recipes

Heston’s Slow Cooker Comfort Food: How to Make Heston Blumenthal’s Slow Roasted Pork Belly recipe

Heston’s slow cooked pork belly recipe from Waitrose sounds like the perfect cold weather comfort food. But is his recipe any good, or does it deserve all the harsh criticisms seen on Waitrose’s website?

heston blumenthal pancake day lemon pancakes recipe

How to make Heston Blumenthal’s Pancake Day Lemon Pancakes Recipe

Heston’s Lemon Pancake recipe is made with a batter that’s infused with his own recipe for lemon curd. Here’s how you can make them, plus a few ideas of our own to make your Pancake Day recipes more interesting.

2013 Review of the Year

What a year it’s been for us here at insearchofheston.com! Eight In Search of Perfection recipes, dozens of experiments and lots of meals that were as fun as to make as they were infuriating. We managed to fit so much in this year we thought we’d take a look back and sum it all up in one post.

Frightfest 2013: London Eating Report

Imagine you’re let loose round London’s West End for 72 ours on an August Bank Holiday. Where would you go to eat? Let’s see if you’d choose the same as us…

heston blumenthal summer family barbecue bbq recipes waitrose recipe

Heston Blumenthal’s Summer Barbecue Recipes and sauces

Make the most of the summer weather with these Heston Blumenthal barbecue recipes. So easy we made all five of them! Plus a simple dessert recipe for after your BBQ.