heston blumenthal vs versus gordon ramsay steak sandwich recipe waitrose recipes

Heston Vs Gordon: Steak Sandwich recipe

Fat Duck Chef Heston Blumenthal’s fresh take on the classic steak sandwich, up against the recipe from fallen idol Gordon Ramsay. I love a steak sandwich. More satisfying than a […]

heston blumenthal slow cooked roast pork recipe slow cooker waitrose winter comfort food recipes

Heston’s Slow Cooker Comfort Food: How to Make Heston Blumenthal’s Slow Roasted Pork Belly recipe

Heston’s slow cooked pork belly recipe from Waitrose sounds like the perfect cold weather comfort food. But is his recipe any good, or does it deserve all the harsh criticisms seen on Waitrose’s website?

heston waitrose chocolate selection box review

Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Selection Box review

Heston’s food has a reputation for being fun and alternative. Does his Chocolate Selection Box from Waitrose match that philosophy, and which is the weirdest flavour?

hestonblumenthal at home hot and iced mulled wine recipes waitrose spiced mulled cider recipes

How to Make Heston Blumenthal Fat Duck style Hot and Iced Waitrose Mulled Cider or Mulled Wine recipe

Bring a little bit of Fat Duck style magic to your Christmas with this super cheap and fairly simple recipe for Hot and Iced Waitrose Mulled Cider or Mulled Wine. It’s dead simple to prepare ahead of time and we think it’s incredible fun! We’re really proud of this one.

heston blumenthal waitrose prepackaged ready meal sandwiches salt beef pastrami sub roll prawn cocktail bloomer

Heston’s Salt Beef Sub Roll & Prawn Cocktail Bloomer, prepackaged sandwiches for Waitrose product review

The Heston from Waitrose range plumbs seemingly new depths with their latest addition – readymade sandwiches! Would we fall for this trick and part with our money? Of course we would.

heston blumenthal from waitrose strawberry and lychee gateau handbag cake Christmas dessert review

Heston from Waitrose Strawberry and Lychee Gateau product review

Another year, another centrepiece Christmas dessert from Heston Blumenthal. We think this is his best looking, and best tasting one yet. Have a look and see if you’d agree.

heston blumenthal waitrose finishing jus for beef minced beef and dumplings recipe winter slow cooker comfort food recipes

Heston’s Slow Cooker Comfort Food recipe: Minced Beef and Dumplings

Heston’s latest Waitrose recipe has been brutally slagged off in the comments section of the Waitrose website. But, with a few changes and a slow cooker, we think it could be the perfect winter comfort food.