Get Heston’s Home Recipes for Free on iTunes


In the age where everything has been digitized, foodies and home cooks have unlocked the secrets to mastering recipes from Michelin-starred chefs, discovering their cooking techniques and uncovering their special ingredients. But even with the 2.5 million food and drink apps downloaded from the App Store according to Statista, some of the recipes from said apps still don’t necessarily get the coverage they should. Celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal had a number of recipes that hadn’t been published, however that’s not the case now with his new app.

Advances in technology are now showing a greater efficacy in accessing the internet using mobile devices. Reports released by the managers of the website Free Bingo Hunter reveal that consumers are three times more likely to play games and find information via mobile than desktop, with the number of mobile-only internet users now soaring past the number of desktop PC-only users. So the next time you’re looking for a specific Heston recipe, use your smartphone. Or better yet, download his free book from iTunes, titled Dine with Heston.

Rated 4.5 stars in customer reviews, the book is 73 pages of Heston’s idea of a family gathering, and the result is mouthwatering. A compilation of his favorite recipes for cooking at home as well as some recipes that are exclusively published for this book, Dine with Heston gives exciting new twists to family classics and healthy dishes that your friends will absolutely love. Who would have thought to replace the traditional rice in sushi with quinoa? And for those cold winter days, the spiced butter in the rich chili con carne has the perfect amount of heat to keep you and your loved ones warm.

Compatible with most iOS devices, users must have iBooks 3 or a later version and at least iOS 4.3.